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How does one get started lettering?  Well, having the “write” tools is one of the first steps, from there it’s practice, practice, practice.

A lot of us use soft and semi-translucent paper because it protects your pen’s tip.  The paper is Marker Paper by Canson and it is a DREAM to work on.

There is so much to share with you as far as fun tools to use so I will try to keep this list short.  The paper and pen shown below are the bare bones of getting started and are still the most popular used materials and tools used.


Paper – Marker Paper by Canson

Pens – Tombow Fuedenosuke (all the labels are in Japanese)


My Favorite Pens for Hand Lettering & Calligraphy

  • Tombow Fuedenosuke – as mentioned above (picture sample is below).
  • Pentel Touch Sign  – this pen has a softer tip and a little more spring.  Very helpful to learn the essence of Calligraphy which is “heavy pressure on down strokes and light pressure on upstrokes”. (Sorry, no picture).
  • Pentel Color Brush – this brush is very sensitive but also creates a streaky look (picture sample is below).
  • Sakura Micron 08 – The pen tip does not react to applied pressure.  Think of it as a pen, just a hard point but great ink (picture sample is below).
  • Sharpie Oil Based Paint Marker Sharpie Oil Based Paint Marker – Oil-based anything will give a glossy finish.  I love this marker SO MUCH.  The water-based paint markers are a blessing too.  Each are very necessary (picture sample is below).

And guess what? I use all of these and more on the Marker Paper by Canson.


Tombow Fuedenosuke Hard and Soft tip


Pentel Color Brush
Pentel Color Brush


Sakura Micron 08


Streaky Sharpie
Sharpie Oil Based Paint Marker